FYI: She spends her life getting hold of the wrong end of the stick.
Loves: Getting the point.
Hates: Muddy sticks.
Fact: She doesn’t like vampires­—she thinks they’re a pain in the neck.



FYI: This girl gets gadgets. Give her a paper clip, a rubber band, a tin can and an A4 battery and she’ll rig up a gizmo that’ll blow your gran’s pop socks off.
Loves: Fixing things.
Hates: Fixing it—if it ain’t broke.
Fact: Nita has invented ghost proof wheels for her bike—they don’t have any spooks.


Auntie Rhee

FYI: Rhiannon’s not the kind of aunt who gives you a woolly jumper for Christmas.
Loves: Walking on the wild side.
Hates: Things that go bump in the night
Fact: Rhiannon is just too cool for ghouls



FYI:  Don’t call her Foxy.
Loves: Dancing the fox trot.
Hates: Shape-shifters. She thinks they’re two-faced.
Fact: Blizzard is an artic fox so she keeps her money in a snow bank.


Karma Chameleon

FYI: Karma likes helping snakes.  She’s always lending them a hand.
Loves: Telling jokes.  She’s a stand-up chameleon.
Hates: Tartan rugs.
Fact: Karma’s favourite film is the Lizard of Oz.



FYI: She’s so sharp. everyone calls her ‘Needle’.
Loves: Big words.
Hates: Small minds.
Fact: She prefers whatwolves and whenwolves to werewolves.



FYI: Don’t call her ‘Ginger’—unless you want to eat your dinner through a straw.
Loves: Being a strawberry blonde.
Hates: Seeing red.
Fact: She reckons cannibal goblins are messy eaters so she won’t be joining their fang club.



FYI: Rattle says he’s a poltergeist. He thinks poltergeists are posher than ghosts.
Loves: Boo-berry pie and I scream.
Hates: People who sneak up behind him and shout BOO!
Fact: Rattle’s only happy when he’s moaning.


Chew Barka

FYI: Chew Barka is terrier-fied of monsters
Loves: Being Emma’s best friend.
Hates: When it rains cats and dogs because she always steps in a poodle.
Fact: Chew Barka loves to play in the wet snow. Yes, she’s a slush puppy.



FYI: Cricket gets into the Old Tower by using the bat flap.
Loves: Acro-batics.
Hates: Just hanging around.
Fact: The first thing Cricket learned at school was the alphabat.