The Vampire

Description: A snappy dresser who is a pain in the neck.

Strength: Her bite is worse than her bark.

Weakness: She’s a bit batty.

Likes: High factor sunblock.

Dislikes: Tooth decay.

Favourite food: Scream of tomato soup.

Favourite animal: Bloodhounds

Scream Scale Rating: Fang-tastically scary!


The Ghoul

Description: Very creepy.

Strength: It can chill your blood.

Weakness: It’s a dead loss.

Likes: Demons – because demons are a ghoul’s best friend.

Dislikes: School dinners.

What to do if you see a ghoul: Tell it you’re not looking for a ghoul friend.

Scream Scale Rating: It’s too ghoul for school!


The Snard

Description: Your worst nightmare - with extra teeth.

Strength: It can bite through steel.

Weakness: It suffers from hayfever.

Likes: Eating people.

Dislikes: Flowers.

Favourite food: Beans (Human beans!)

What to do if you see a snard: Run!

What not to do if you see a snard: Invite it home for dinner.

Scream Scale Rating: It’s a Hairy Scary!

The Skeleton

Description: It’s all bones and no skin!

Strength: It doesn’t need any-body’s help.

Weakness: It’s bone headed.

Likes: Trom-bones

Dislikes: Body-builders.

Don’t say: ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you.’

Scream Scale Rating: It’s a rattling good monster.


The Mummy

Description: It’s a mouldy oldie!

Strength: It’s great at keeping things under wraps.

Weakness: It’s too wrapped up in itself. 

Likes: Swimming in the Dead Sea.

Dislikes: Holidays because it can’t relax and unwind.

Don’t say: Why are you so wound up?

Favourite mealtime: When it catches you!

Scream Scale Rating: It’s a mummy and a deady all in one!

The Werewolf

Description: It’s all paws, claws and jaws!

Strength: It can smell its prey a mile away.

Weakness: It’s barking mad.

Likes: Howling at the moon.

Dislikes: People who call it “Rover”.

Don’t say: I bet your bark is worse than your bite.

Scream Scale Rating: It gets full marks at full moon!


Vlad the Bad

Description: He’s a bat aristocrat.

Strength: He never bites off more than he can chew

Weakness: He’s a born sucker

Likes: Vein-illa ice scream

Dislikes: Stake sandwiches – they give him heartburn!

Favourite food: Blood sausages

What not to say to Vlad: Can I join your fang club?

Scream Scale Rating: He’s a fright bite in the night!


The Space Alien

Description: It’s a flying ace from outer space.

Strength: It can land its UFO on the sun – but only at night!

Weakness: It’s a bit spaced out.

Likes: Reading comet books.

Dislikes: Parties on the moon. They don’t have any atmosphere!

Favourite food: Unidentified frying objects.

Don’t say: Is it true you hold your trousers up with an asteroid belt? 

Do Say: Hey, you’re so amazing you’re out of this world!

Scream Scale Rating: It’s a scary space invader!


Flame Fatale

Description: A volcano in a fancy dress

Strength: She fights fire with fire. 

Weakness: She’s always getting fired.

Likes: Flame grilled burgers with curry sauce.

Dislikes:  Ice cream because it always melts before she can eat it.

Don't say: You’re a bright spark.

Do say: Sorry, but you’ve met your match.


Sheerluck Bones

Description: He’s a no-clue gumshoe.

Strength: He always bones up on a case.

Weakness: He lacks guts.

Likes: His girlfriend- he loves every bone in her body.

Favourite Food: Spare ribs.

Dislikes:  People who want to pick a bone with him.

Scream Scale Rating: Give him a chance and he’ll really get under your skin.


The Pied Piper

Description: He’s a fancy pants, off key flute tooter

Strength: Hitting the right note.

Weakness: He’s always blowing his own trumpet.

Likes: People dancing to his tune.

Dislikes:  Fish - because they have too many scales!

Don't say: Ooh, that's a foot tapping melody.

Do say: Sorry, but I smell I rat here.

Scream Scale Rating: He’s a viper of a piper!


Little Devil

Description:  He's a really silly billy

Strength: He tells tall tales.

Weakness: He's only a little devil

Likes: Making toast with his trident

Dislikes: Burnt toast. 

Don’t say: I believe every word you say.

Scream Scale Rating: He tells really scary stories!



Description: The girl of your screams.

Strength: Making men of little boils.

Weakness: She’s very vein.

Likes: Running her own fang club.

Dislikes: Morning stake-outs.

Favourite Food: Clotted Scream and Minced Eyes.

Favourite Drink: Bloody Scarys.

Scream Scale Rating: She’s your worst night-scare!


Lotsa Loot

Description:  The world’s richest but most evil man.

Strength: Can buy anything he wants.

Weakness: Has more money than sense.

Likes: Big bucks.

Dislikes: Small change.

Favourite food: Golden Syrup – with real gold!

Don’t Say:  Money can’t buy you love, Mr Loot.

Scream Scale Rating: Loot wants to make you beg - not scream.


Zombie Girls

 Description: These girls aren't tired, they're dead on their feet..

Strength: These zombies are drop dead gorgeous.

Weakness: They haven't got the brains they were born with.

Likes: Deady bears.

Dislikes: Losing their minds.

Don’t say: Hey, I'm dying to meet you!

Scream Scale Rating: If a zombie comes to your door don't open it.  It'll be a dead ringer!


Grik the Goblin Master

Description: He's a master of disaster.


Weakness: He has low elf esteem.

Likes: Messy eaters

Dislikes: Good table manners..

Don’t say: Goblin your food will give you a tummy ache

Scream Scale Rating: If Grik comes to tea at your house it'll be a nightmare!


The Wrecker


Description: A vile villain who stinks of seaweed.

Strength: Can light a mean bonfire

Weakness: Often gets his fingers burnt.

Likes: Wrecking ships

Dislikes: Damp matches and windy nights.

Favourite food: Fish and ships.

Scream Scale Rating: If you meet this rotten wrecker you’re sunk!


Ms Notta Plant


Description: By day she’s a teacher.  By night she's a flesh eating scoffalot with a big appetite - for people!

Strength: She’s a killer plant.

Weakness: Weed killer.

Likes: Her Mushroom boyfriend.  She thinks he's a fungi!

Dislikes: People who call her Weedy!

What to do if you meet a scoffalot: Scare her off by telling her you’re a vegetarian!

What not to say if you meet a scoffalot: Hey, you’re really growing on me.

Scream Scale Rating: She’s the root of all evil!


Necro the Necromancer

 Description: He's a goblin who sets your nerves a wobblin'

Strength: .He can turn you into a little green fog.

Weakness: He's not very good at spelling frog

Likes: .His ghoul fiend

Dislikes: Witches cats.  They think he's the kind of sorcerer that has milk in it.

Don’t say: Hey! If you had a fight with Dracula would you end up out for the count?

Scream Scale Rating: 


The Spectre

Description: A sight that gives you a fright in the night.

Strength: It can make your nightmares come true.

Weakness: It’s not very handy.

Likes: Scaring people.

Dislikes: Bright sunny days.

Favourite food: Ice scream.

Scream Scale Rating: It’s a scream magnet!


The Shape-shifter

Description: It looks like anything it wants to be.

Strength: Never has a bad hair day.

Weakness: It’s a bit two faced

Likes: Getting a shift on.

Dislikes: Getting stuck in a rut.

Favourite game: Charades.

Scream Scale Rating: It all depends on what it’s being!



Description: She looks like a million dollars - all green and wrinkly 

Strength: She's great at spelling.

Weakness: She suffers from broom-atism

Likes: Black cats

Dislikes: Flat caps - they can't see the point. 

Don’t say: Hey, don't fly off the handle!

Scream Scale Rating: If a witch invites you for dinner in her gingerbread house don't go.  You'll be taking pot luck if you do.