Spooky Wheels


The Rheemobile

FYI: It's siren is louder than a thousand deci-hells!

Likes: Burning up the viles.

Dislikes: Speed grumps.

Fact: It drives like a bat out of hell!


Emma’s Hobby Corn

 FYI: Emma says please call it a Hobby Corn not a hobby horse.  Otherwise you’re missing the point!  

Likes: Horns.

Dislikes: Bells.

Fact: This Hobby Corn is born to run! 


Nita’s Hoverboard

FYI: This is the world’s first vinegar and baking powder powered hoverboard.  It's a gas!

Likes: Blue sky thinking.

Dislikes: That sinking feeling.

Fact: Nita has put a clock on the hoverboard so now she’s a time traveller! 


Roxy’s Mountain Bike

FYI:  The hardest part about learning to ride a mountain bike is the mountain!

Likes: Daddy mountain bike.  She calls him pop-cycle.

Dislikes: Standing on its own.  It’s too tired.

Fact: A ghost proof mountain bike is one with no spooks in its wheels.


Leena’s Scooter

FYI: Scooters have two wheels because they wheely wheely need them.

Likes: Being a rooting, tooting, scooting machine.

Dislikes: Wheel clamps.

Fact: When Blizzard rides Leena’s scooter she looks absolutely pawsome! 

Auntie Rhee's Spook Box

Favourite discs include: 

Fangs Ain’t What They Used to Be (Things Ain't What They Used To Be), By The Fright of the Silvery Moon, You’ll Never Stalk Alone, Fangs For The Mammaries, Ghoul Flayed Oooze, My Slay, All Spook Up, Eight Slays a Week, Getting to Gnaw You, In the Dungeon, the Murky Dungeon The Slime Creeps Tonight, Good Old Slays, Stake It Up, Gloop Wart You Slayed Me Slew, The Ghoul Can’t Help It, Whole Lotta Staking Goin’ On, Stranglers in the Night, Once, Slice, Three Grimes I’ll Slay Thee…, UnforGloopable, Jangled Nerves, Jangled Nerves, Jangled While You Slay…, The Runaway Brain Came Down The Hill and He Slew, He Slew, The House Of The Rising Scum, Fang Heathen For Little Ghouls, Be Boil a Gloopa, Heart Stake Hostel, Every Death You Fake, (Baby You Were) Spawn to Scum, I’m Getting Martyred in the Mourning, Mama We’re All Cratered Now, Sweet Child of Slime, Here Comes the Scum, Sludge Pitchforked Grinds (Suspicious Minds), It’s a Ghoul Perfect Slay, The Sound of Violence, Strife on Mars, I’ve Got The Icky Glicky Snake (I've Got The Hippy Hippy Shake), Stake Me Up You Fat Old Hobo (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go), Shroud Mary Keep on Gurning (Proud Mary Keeps on Turning), All Spook Up, Go Screamin' Rapper Slay (Bohemian Rhapsody), Waiting on a Fiend, The Ghoul's Canned Hell Pit (The Girl can't Help It), Great Boils of Slime, Don’t Schlep on My Ghoul Slayed Shoes, Sweet Bag of Slime (Sweet Caroline), The Witch Eater Slime Gang (Wichita Linesman), Brain Drops Keep Falling on the Dead, Let’s Jerk Together—C’mon, C’mon, Let’s Jerk Together