Roxy’s Self-Help Head’s Up About Skeletons and Spectres 


Hey gang, as you know, Leena, Nita and Emma and yours truly Roxy Rox, spend most of our time outwitting the bad guys who coming sneaking into Ourtown from Otherworld.  But just in case any of the spooks make it past us and come face-to-face with you, here’s how to send them packing with their tails or, in some cases, tentacles, between their legs.  Right, today’s subjects are the Spectre and the Skeleton.

First up, let’s say you meet a spectre who wants to make all your nightmares come true.  Well, I know it thinks it’s a real fright in the night but, remember, even though it’s got glow in the dark eyeballs and screeches at the top of it’s voice, it’s no more scary than an old style bed sheet flapping about in the wind.  So all you have to do is threaten to put it in the washing machine on a hot wash and that’ll soon shrink it down to size!



Ok, so now you know how to deal with a spectre, let’s move on to that bundle of old bones the skeleton.  To be honest, you don’t need any-body’s help to deal with it because it hasn’t actually got a body but, if one jumps out in front of you stand your ground and say, ‘Hey, this is so lucky because I’m a bit of a lazy bones and I’ve got a very huge and hungry dog at home who wants me to walk all the way to the butcher’s shop to buy him a tasty meal. But, without making any bones about it, you look like a dog’s dinner to me!’  Now skeletons are so bone-headed it’ll believe every word you say and go rattling off back to the cemetery before you can give the dog a bone! 

Right, that’s enough self-help for today, guys, but I’ll be back soon with more top tips on making ghosts toast and boggarts bog off.  Laters!

Peter Richardson