Leena’s Five Freaky Facts About Zombies

Hey gang, here’s the low down on zombies.



1        If you meet a zombie don’t try and talk your way out of trouble because zombies don’t talk.  They moan, groan and howl instead of                      speaking.  In fact they sound just like your mum when she sees the state of your bedroom!

2        Forget all your fancy martial arts moves when you come face to face with a zombie.  You can only kill it by destroying its brain.  That’s                right.  You need to be a bit of a head banger to get the better of a zombie! 

3        Zombies don’t want to eat your flesh; they just want to bite you so that you’ll turn into a zombie too!  And remember, they never bite off                 more than they can chew! 

4        Zombies are slow and clumsy so, although they look scary, as long as you can run they’ll soon run out of patience and stop chasing you!

5         Zombies are cold hearted.  They don’t have any emotions and are completely merciless. They also have no dress sense or style.                     Hmm … they sound just like my maths teacher!  



Oh, one final thing gang.  Zombies are fussy eaters.  They won’t eat chips with their fingers.  They eat their fingers afterwards!

Peter Richardson