Emma’s Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Vampires

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1                 The word “vampire” was first used in English in the year 1734, in a book called Travels of Three English Gentlemen. Gosh! Remind me to never go on holiday with those guys!

2                 Vampires aren’t just bad guys, they’re also arithmomaniacs! This means they really love to count things. So if you throw a pile of rice on the floor in front of them they will have to stop chasing you and count each grain.  This will give you loads of time to escape.  So you see Count Dracula isn’t called a Count for no reason!

3                 Vampire bats really do suck blood but they actually prefer the blood of turkeys - even if it’s not Christmas!  If they do try to suck human blood, they usually go for the big toe, not the neck!  So never go barefoot guys!

4                 Bats are not the only vampires.  There are also vampire moths, vampire catfish, a vampire finch and vampire snails. I feel sorry for the vampire snail.  It must be hard to strike terror into someone’s heart when you can only crawl along at one metre an hour!

5                 The vampire squid has a very misleading name. It isn’t a squid and it doesn’t drink blood.  It’s not even scary because it spends most of its time just hanging around motionless in the water. In fact, as a scary vampire, it’s a bit of a damp squid! 

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Peter Richardson