Dead Cats and Eyebrow Shaving—Nita's Ten Fun Facts on Ancient Egypt



  1. Coffins in Ancient Egypt usually had an eye painted on the side.  This was so the mummy could keep an eye on you!
  2. The Ancient Egyptians loved cats.  If a pet cat died its owners shaved off their eyebrows to show how upset they were.
  3. Egyptian priests had all their body hair removed - even their eyelashes!  They were a bunch of smoothies!
  4. Doctors were so skilled in Ancient Egypt they even performed brain surgery – though we're not brainy enough to know how many of their patients actually survived.
  5.  Mummies are wrapped in over ten layers of linen.  No wonder mummies find it hard to unwind!
  6. The famous Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, was actually Greek!
  7. In Ancient Egypt, people thought it brought good luck if you stepped into a house using your left foot first.  Mind you, it was bad luck if you stubbed your toe!
  8. Most Ancient Egyptians were only about five feet tall. Still, it meant they could look up to people.
  9. The Ancient Egyptians believed that after you died, your heart was weighed against a feather to see if you had been a good or a bad person. So it paid to to be light-hearted.
  10. The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, was the world’s tallest building for nearly five thousand years. And it didn't have a lift! 
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Peter Richardson